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How much money did TurboTax and HR Block pay for this?

House passes bill preventing IRS from offering free tax filing service twitter.com/i/events/111573847

* sees Tony Bennett is tending *
* fears worst *
* starts seeing tons of basketball tweets and congratulations *
* phew - not the Tony Bennett I thought was trending for the wrong reason *

Oh man... I've been here for a decade? Thanks for following along and for all the friendships I've made.

Rackspace Named a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality for second year in a row! blog.rackspace.com/rackspace-n

A few weeks ago I signed up for a something (I actually don't recall what it was for) but it was a one time thing.

This morning, I get this jewel in my quarantine report from Proofpoint. Now I'm trying to remember the name of the site so I can go yell at them

How Apple Card works tcrn.ch/2FxHCt1 via @TechCrunch@twitter.com // interesting article on the more technical tidbits

Looks like every city I move to rebels against Chick fil A at some point lol ht by thepointsguy.com/news/city-cou

I must admit, I'm into the simplicity of Apple Card...

How do you people manage all the forks of OSS that you have to make PR’s? Do you delete them after they merge your PR or just leave them to collect dust (until the next PR and then you need to match master)?

OMG, this CBS undercover story about a psychic that gets called on her bluff is amazing. Especially that last line.

Cancelled Uber because it was too far, fired up Lyft and got the same Uber driver I just canceled on 🙈

I totally read this in @iamjohnoliver@twitter.com’s voice

Does anyone’s company use Cisco’s IronPort email security for outbound filtering than can send a test message so I can test a fix our engineering team deployed?

We were at 32 degrees on Monday, it was 90 today.

OMG, did he really change his Twitter name?

Boston had a snow storm last night, and has a higher feels-like than San Antonio

What is this sorcery, in south Texas in March?

Dear Twitter, stop showing me suggested tweets of people who blocked me. I hate seeing the grey “this tweet is not available” box

This Microsoft app lets you make a font out of your handwriting cnb.cx/2V7mVeH