Faisal Misle @me@faisal.social

My favorite recent spam trend:

Spammers register domains and implement a DMARC policy, but their messages are not DKIM signed and they don’t publish an SPF record, so all their messages fail DMARC and get rejected - therefore failing at spamming people

Apparently most Americans don't know when Brits are being passive aggressive twitter.com/i/events/108373936

What's your favorite non-Google/Microsoft/FastMail email provider? (for custom domains)

I know I’m headed back home because half the boarding area are military personnel in uniform

OH: “Apparently they forgot we need the aircraft cleaned before we can board. So we’re waiting for the cleaners to come. Trust me, you don’t want to board how it is” 👀

tfw Boston is warmer than San Antonio on New Years Day...

Happy New Year, East Coast!

Starting (or ending) the year off right...

The new Instagram swiping to see pictures instead of scrolling is awful...

Also, just noticed Twitter for iOS brought back the client the tweet was posted from!! 🎉

Boston is 5 degrees warmer than San Antonio right now at 62 degrees. I guess they’re not getting a white Christmas this year...

Both University of Tennessee, Knoxville and University of Texas, Austin use the UT moniker and use orange as their color

(Thankfully UTK does not use a Longhorn)

Shipping a package to SF: $200

Same-day return flight to SF and hand deliver the package: $250

Shipping a package to SF: $125

Same-day return flight to SF and hand deliver the package: $250

The Verizon rep and I are now lyric jamming to `Let it be` over chat

Hey @VZWSupport@twitter.com - tell your live chat vendor they are stripping apostrophes from the chat and it makes for some awful and confusing spelling mistakes

Yay/nay? Anyone have any feedback on how well it works / how useful it is?

It's been a fun day at the office, with customers calling in about this cnn.com/2018/12/13/us/email-bo