Faisal Misle @me@faisal.social

I totally read this in @iamjohnoliver@twitter.com’s voice

Does anyone’s company use Cisco’s IronPort email security for outbound filtering than can send a test message so I can test a fix our engineering team deployed?

We were at 32 degrees on Monday, it was 90 today.

OMG, did he really change his Twitter name?

Boston had a snow storm last night, and has a higher feels-like than San Antonio

What is this sorcery, in south Texas in March?

Dear Twitter, stop showing me suggested tweets of people who blocked me. I hate seeing the grey “this tweet is not available” box

This Microsoft app lets you make a font out of your handwriting cnb.cx/2V7mVeH

What would cause an new ActiveSync device to be blocked and the device ID entry to be added to ActiveSyncBlockedDeviceIDs without user intervention

Get-MobileDevice output:

DeviceAccessState : Blocked
DeviceAccessStateReason : Individual

Happy 19th Birthday @JetBlue@twitter.com! Only two more until you can use your complimentary Mosaic drinks on-board 😉

OH: “I don’t want companies keeping my IPO address for eternity.”

Judging by the lack of sportsball related tweets, I wouldn’t think the Superball was today...

TIL you can stop Notes.app from sending newly edited notes to the top by sorting by Date Created… this makes the app so much better!!

I don't like that Azure doesn't have a "rebuild/reinstall OS" for VM's... I have to delete it and recreate it

I somehow highly doubt that, given that the internet (not to mention computers!) were even around then....

For those who have a HomePod, how do you like it?