Faisal Misle @me@faisal.social

Good morning from the brand new @AlaskaAir@twitter.com Lounge at SeaTac! I finally got to test their famous pancake machine! @MichaelRRoy@twitter.com

/me gets new server IP and turns out it’s blocked by my spam filter right out of the box… sweet! No wonder I wasn’t getting the test reports

Yo, SF... you ok? Not even we reached this high today (and we’re in full Texas summer mode)

Satellite-based WiFi makes all the difference when at 35,000 feet...

Turns out, our digs in Blacksburg are pretty awesome!

Surprising for a lake house in the middle of kinda nowhere

Oh man... I've been here for a decade? Thanks for following along and for all the friendships I've made.

A few weeks ago I signed up for a something (I actually don't recall what it was for) but it was a one time thing.

This morning, I get this jewel in my quarantine report from Proofpoint. Now I'm trying to remember the name of the site so I can go yell at them

OMG, this CBS undercover story about a psychic that gets called on her bluff is amazing. Especially that last line.

I totally read this in @iamjohnoliver@twitter.com’s voice

We were at 32 degrees on Monday, it was 90 today.

OMG, did he really change his Twitter name?

Boston had a snow storm last night, and has a higher feels-like than San Antonio

What is this sorcery, in south Texas in March?

I somehow highly doubt that, given that the internet (not to mention computers!) were even around then....

Starting (or ending) the year off right...

Shipping a package to SF: $200

Same-day return flight to SF and hand deliver the package: $250

The Verizon rep and I are now lyric jamming to `Let it be` over chat

Hey @VZWSupport@twitter.com - tell your live chat vendor they are stripping apostrophes from the chat and it makes for some awful and confusing spelling mistakes