Faisal Misle @me@faisal.social

Apparently it’s a very important Texas tradition to stop at one of these... (at @bucees@twitter.com in New Braunfels, TX) swarmapp.com/c/f7ouvpAEujF

I forgot to take my watch out of airplane mode, and turns out it’s an hour earlier than I thought it was

Let’s see what this is all about... (@ Amazon Go in New York, NY) swarmapp.com/c/66ZXCfj46UF

If I need to hook up a VoIP phone to an ethernet port, and I don't have access to the router/switch and only have WiFi - what is my best option?

Yo, SF... you ok? Not even we reached this high today (and we’re in full Texas summer mode)

Lady with Group 7 boarded with Group 1 (First Class) and got denied, good gate agents still exist...

Coffee with @austinvalleskey@twitter.com (at @Starbucks@twitter.com Reserve Roastery in New York, NY) swarmapp.com/c/lDy5JQ4n10A

In today’s episode of “Will Faisal make it?” Flight boards in <20 minutes; I’m 8 minutes from the airport and TSA takes another 8 minutes at SAT. I should be ok, but may be cutting it too close, as usual.

I'm I the only one who doesn't really care about Dark Mode?

I just tested @1Password@twitter.com's 2FA integration on macOS and it was much smoother than I expected! The 2FA code was already in my clipboard ready to be pasted once login processed

“Your job as a PM is to find the right problems – then work with your team to solve them” via @Atlassian@twitter.com

My feed be like: Game of something something, such wow, much intense, many reactions

Changing the Game with People-Centric Cybersecurity youtu.be/tl2SYiXut0M

I’ve actually seen a few of these hit customer’s inboxes this week; and because GitHub is public by default, you can see the source code + any edits
Threat actors abuse GitHub service to host a variety of phishing kits proofpoint.com/us/threat-insig

Satellite-based WiFi makes all the difference when at 35,000 feet...

Turns out, our digs in Blacksburg are pretty awesome!

Pinterest went public? Huh... didn’t think they were that popular