Faisal Misle @me@faisal.social

Good morning from the brand new @AlaskaAir@twitter.com Lounge at SeaTac! I finally got to test their famous pancake machine! @MichaelRRoy@twitter.com

Did Nest remove their Watch app? I used it two days ago, and now it’s gone from my watch app-hive

"se·cu·ri·ty [si-kyoor-i-tee] noun: Gets in the way of getting stuff done until you get pwned; then it's the most important thing in the world" - @troyhunt@twitter.com

I swear Instagram uses the mic to listen in and then offer ads based on conversations... I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but it’s still scary to see ads of things I’ve never searched for, and have only come up during conversation

After months of a coworker telling me to use aliases in bash - HOLY SHIT they are awesome.

I'm at Rackspace Food Truck Tuesday! in San antonio, TX swarmapp.com/c/8bZV9rZTFry

Call me crazy, but my self-hosted mail server is complete and fully operational and I kinda want to use it as my main email host

VZW that told me my password was wrong after it prompted me for 2FA… if you know the pw is wrong, why did you ask me to enter the 2FA?

/me gets new server IP and turns out it’s blocked by my spam filter right out of the box… sweet! No wonder I wasn’t getting the test reports

My brother has a spare ticket to the Rolling Stones concert this weekend in Boston and I wish airfare wasn’t $1200

My brother has a spare ticket to the Rolling Stones concert this weekend in Boston and I so wish I was closer...

I’ve just voted for which song the @RollingStones@twitter.com should play at their next show, you can vote too! rollingstones.com/vote/

Bonding time with @Racker121@twitter.com (@ Whataburger in San Antonio, TX) swarmapp.com/c/deFQVnVmzrZ

"Your wait time is 30-40 minutes"
I'm at the 65 minute mark... (with no call back option)

"Your wait time is 30-40 minutes"
I'm nearing the 60 minute mark... (with no call back option)

Air India gets a bomb threat, fails spectacularly as most of the luggage had been left behind at Mumbai since the flight was overbooked.


Apparently it’s a very important Texas tradition to stop at one of these... (at @bucees@twitter.com in New Braunfels, TX) swarmapp.com/c/f7ouvpAEujF

I forgot to take my watch out of airplane mode, and turns out it’s an hour earlier than I thought it was

Let’s see what this is all about... (@ Amazon Go in New York, NY) swarmapp.com/c/66ZXCfj46UF

If I need to hook up a VoIP phone to an ethernet port, and I don't have access to the router/switch and only have WiFi - what is my best option?